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Wisconsin Properties  

Inn Towne Apartments
Pine Meadow Place

Denvey Drive Apartments

Rz Properties Amery

Baldwin Villas

CKC Properties
Hillside Townhomes
Main Street Townhomes

Chippewa Falls
CKC Properties 43rd Ave
CKC Properties Wisconsin Street
Timberview Properties
Dutchman Court Apartments
Technology Drive Apartments
Dutchman Court
Evergreen Lane
Dwight Street Apartments
Edward Street Units
Grand Apartments
Willow Street Apartmetns
Bridgewater Townhomes
First Ave Apartments
Pine Needle Duplexes
Harding Street

Logger's Inn

Country Lane Apartments

Eau Claire-Student Housing
116 9th Ave
216 Niagara Street
222 Niagara Street
230 Hudson Street
304 4th Ave
315 W Grand Ave
323 3rd Ave
333 Niagra Street
336 Chippewa Street
402 2nd Ave
410 2nd Ave
415 W. Grand Ave
428 Chippewa Street
428 Niagara
454 Summit Ave
461 W Grand Ave
466 W Grand Ave
538 Hudson
603 2nd Ave
608 Chippewa Street
628 Broadway Street
710 Niagara Street
714 Niagara Street
716 Menomonie Street
719 Menomonie Street
722 Menomonie Street
731 3rd Ave
737 Menomonie Street
739 Water Street
804 Chippewa Street
809 5th Ave
812 Chippewa Street
822 Chippewa Street
902 E 5th
1007 S. Farwell Street
1021 2nd Ave
1032 2nd Ave
1118 S Barstow Street
1233 Graham Ave
1237 S Farwell Street
1507 Wilson Street
1620 Whipple Street
Wellington Estates

Eau Claire-Multifamily
2107 Birch
2908 Birch Street Apartments
Fulton Street Apartments
Golf Road Townhomes
Imperial Place
Main Street Apartments
Putnam Street Apartments
Summit Street Apartments
Sundet Road Townhomes
Wellington Estates

307 W Winter

Fall Creek
Fall Creek Apartments

Homestead of Glenwood

1307 11th Street
421 20th Ave
RZ Properties Fryklund
Faffler Properties
Red Cedar Apartments
Frahm Duplexes
Bongey Drive Apartments
Galloway Court
Golde Properties
Ridgeview Apartments
Battles Properties
Country Aire Condos
Wilsher Condominiums

Menomonie-Student Housing
115 4th Street W
327 3rd Street W
402 3rd Street W
421 20th Ave E
505 16th Street E
709 13th Ave E
710 10th Street
814 9th Ave
1021 Wilson Ave
1014 16th Ave
1203 7th Street E
1208 9th Street E
1219 8th Street
1307 11th Street
1407 6th Street
1509 6th Street
1520 8th Street
1616 6th Street E
1703 6th Street E
1815 3rd Street E
1907 E 5th Street
1918 5th Street
ELI Properties 414 14th
Galloway Court
Red Cedar Apartments
Wagner Properties

New Richmond
835 E 6th Street
840 E 6th Street
Doman Drive Townhomes
Fieldview Apartments
Park Meadows Apartments
Woodmere Apartments

Rice Lake
Gessel Ave Apartments
Kern Apartments
Knapp Street
Whitetail Apartments

River Falls-Multifamily
Fischer Properties
Village Park Apartments

River Falls-Student Housing
Fischer Properties

RZ Properties Somerset
Somerset Villas

Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake Villas Woodville

Wildwood Terrace

Minnesota Properties  

Eagle Lake
Eagle Ridge Townhomes

Wellington Estates

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